Web Site Tariffs

So, you have decided that you should establish a website for your company, organization or personal endeavour; the big question now is,

"How much will it cost?"

This is a very good question, and unfortunately, not one that has an easy answer. The cost of developing a website depends on the content, graphical elements, functions and features that you want to include in your site. (Great non-answer right?) Well, with the previous statement in mind, we can give you some general price ranges that will hopefully give you a general idea of costs. It should also be noted that a good website will not actually cost anything in the long run but rather be a means to increase revenue for your company either through sales, leads or value added resources.

The Small Business Package:

We are pleased to announce our newest web presence package, designed to provide Small Businesses with a professional, functional, attractive and affordable website. With website design rates starting at £500.00, (+ initial domain setup fees payable to your service provider) ComPorts is poised to bring new businesses to the Internet.


Web Design is a very difficult to price without first discussing the specific needs for the site. We custom create each site to fit our client's needs, and so the pricing reflects the features that you actually want on your site as opposed to features that are part of a "package" deal.
We are happy to discuss your internet presence needs in-depth with you and give you a free quote. This is part of our dedication to customer service.

Unavoidable Costs:

£100 for Domain Registration, this is paid directly to the Internic and registers your domain name (prices correct at time of being published)
Set Up Fees with your web host server. All hosts charge a fee for setting up your account, email, and domain name hosting. This fee ranges quite widely however, and you should not be surprised to be quoted as low as £30.00 or as high as £150.00
This sometimes has to do with the services being set up by your host for you, sometimes it just seems like the server is trying to hit you for extra money up front.

Monthly Hosting Charges, your website and email services take up hard drive space and server resources from your Web Host, as well as bandwidth as your data is transferred from the Host to the rest of the internet. Again, these charges range widely depending on your host, expect ranges from £10.00 - £100.00, with most hovering in the £40.00 range, depending on server features.

Scale-able Costs:

The complexity of the graphics and the sophistication of the functions you include on your site are the dominant costs when setting up a website, ComPorts International can use the following techniques to minimize these costs.

Create graphics that can be re-used throughout the site.

Establish a standard format for all pages/sections of your site. Not only does this add to the professional appearance and consistency of your site, but it gives the designers a solid point of reference when they are working on your pages.
Create a graphical header theme that can be adjusted easily for each section to keep the graphics creation budget reasonable.

General Price Ranges:

Again this is meant to be a guide to costs but every site is different and negotiable.

  • Basic storefront:


  • Small business site, 4 main pages: Home Page, Company Info,Products/Services, Contact Info/Directions:


  • Corporate Site 10-20 pages :


  • Large Corporate Site, 20+ pages:

 £ P.O.A.

Consultancy Tariffs

We offer a wide range of consultancy packages to suit your needs however these would be more difficult to generalise on regarding costs. Please contact us for a free consultation and we will be happy to discuss your specific needs and offer you a project quote.